Our mission is to help students do and feel better. We achieve this mission when the students we support learn to cultivate self-compassion along with the subject matter and executive functioning skills they need to overcome their academic challenges.

But we know this work is too important to touch only the students we can work with directly. To have a lasting positive effect for all students, we’ll need to impact the culture of schooling. And for that, we’ll need a coalition of parents, students, educators, academics, allied professionals, and other invested community members to envision and enact change.

The first step to building this coalition is getting the word out. Our first public initiative, the School Without Suffering Pledge, is aimed at building awareness and broad commitment to our mission. 

Ready to get involved?

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As a community member invested in creating space for more compassion in schooling, I pledge to

  • Learn about & name the aspects of schooling which impose undue emotional burden on students, especially those who have been historically under-served by the system.

  • Examine the ways in which my own beliefs about school and education may perpetuate a system that causes unnecessary hardship in the lives of students.

  • Use my voice, my vote, and my spending power to move the needle toward a more compassionate system of schooling.

  • Act compassionately toward the students in my life, including myself.

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