Time Management 102

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Many students think that they are bad at planning and time management or just don’t like it. But that’s because they usually try to make themselves work for someone else’s system. This episode will show you the magic of creating a system that works for them.



I cannot tell you how many times a student has told me they hate using planners, are bad at planning, or both. Then I teach them my system, and they pretty quickly do a 180 on both opinions.

This scenario is so common because before working with me, students have usually only had the experience of being directed to use a rigid time management process that they must follow to a tee, and something about that way didn't work for them.

But when they start working with School Without Suffering, the time management system, they're introduced to a process that 1) helps them manage their time and energy and 2) teaches them to shape their own unique system that works for their own specific set of preferences and circumstances—not to mention how to adjust whenever those preferences or circumstances change.

Step 4: Reflect

When the week is over, answer these three questions:

  1. Which parts of your schedule worked well?

  2. Which parts were hard to follow? Or, which parts would you like to adjust? Why?

  3. What will you do differently next week?

You’re going to answer the first question to identify the things that are going great and that you want to do again next week. And you’ll answer the second two questions to determine what could be working better and the changes you’ll make as you’re planning for next week to make your schedule work better for you.

After you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to use the system to plan the next week, making sure to continue doing the things that worked well and adjusting the things you decided to do differently.

Why bother answering these questions? Because this is your chance to start to shape the time and energy planning process to work for you — who you uniquely are and your unique circumstances.

Many of us think that we are bad at planning and time management or just don’t like it. But that’s because we usually try to make ourselves work for someone else’s system. This process is about creating a system that works for you.

So go ahead and give it a try, and let me know how it goes!

And if you feel like you need some more help, talk to your parents or caregivers about getting the free mini-course: How To Plan Your Time and Energy.

It’s short (about 30 minutes total), and in it, I’ll walk you through each stage of this process so you can start seeing success right away.

And here’s how you can get it!

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