For every stage of a child’s schooling, we have created a developmentally appropriate virtual program that teaches students to master their mindset and their lessons, with the understanding that all learning is personal, authentic relationships matter, and emotions are an integral part of learning. 

Our virtual school program caters to students from elementary through high school, offering a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with academic standards while nurturing individual passions and strengths. During each step of their academic journey, we help students cultivate compassion for themselves and others, develop their values, and acquire the skills they need to thrive. Our expert teachers employ innovative teaching methods and leverage advanced technology to create an engaging and interactive learning experience for every student.

We strive to be an intentionally diverse community, where all are not only welcomed but also belong. Our tuition model is an expression of our values and is intended to make sure the School Without Suffering experience is within reach of all who need it. Enrollment in all of our programs is month-to-month, allowing for maximum flexibility in meeting your child’s unique needs. Tuition and fees are in line with the national average for private schools and tutoring.

Elementary School

Focus on learning to self-regulate, learn effectively, and play joyfully

Built on the PLUS framework, our elementary school curriculum actively engages students in projects. Projects allow students to apply what they learn, use it in practical and meaningful ways, and then show it to demonstrate mastery and build confidence.

In addition, School Without Suffering students in elementary school spend time each day working on individual learning paths in math, reading, and language arts.

Clear data and reporting show you exactly how your child is learning and performing relative to others in their age group so that you can be confident that your child’s academic needs are being met in the virtual learning environment.

And, our elementary school students will learn strategies to squash school-related stress and stop homework meltdowns before they begin so that they have a joyful foundation on which to build the rest of their time in school.

Middle School

Focus on executive function, self-esteem, and relationships

Students gain a strong foundation of math, literacy, science, and social studies knowledge and skills they need to be successful in high school. They have the support they need to fill in any gaps from previous school years and are empowered to accelerate in their learning beyond their grade level and/or expand their horizons through electives if they desire to.

Before they begin their academic coursework, they spend ten days in our signature School Without Suffering curriculum, learning to better understand how their brains work, how to use their strengths to their advantage, how to manage their time, and how to regulate their anxiety. They also begin meeting with a T-group to learn to identify their moment-to-moment feelings, notice the stories they tell about themselves and others, and practice effective and compassionate communication.

And while they are taking their courses, they are continuously supported by their academic coach to practice their new tools and strategies as they work to do and feel better as they learn.

High School

Focus on self-determination, confidence, and care

As students begin to think more about what they want their futures to look like, they are supported to build an academic program that best serves those goals. With more than 500 courses across core subjects, advanced, electives, CTE, and world languages in our catalog, students have access to all the courses they need to be ready for the next step.

School Without Suffering students can graduate with an accredited high school diploma, and are eligible to do so when they can justify the following proposition to the satisfaction of the Diploma Committee: “My experiences during my stay at school have enabled me to develop the skills I need to thrive in the world that I am about to enter.”

While they are taking their courses, our high school students are continuously supported by their academic coach to practice the executive function, self-regulation, and self-compassion skills they need to thrive, and they have the option to regularly participate in T-group to practice identifying their moment-to-moment feelings, notice the stories they tell about themselves and others, and practice effective and compassionate communication.

As graduation nears, our academic coaches will also support each student who desires to attend college through the application process. Our coaches are experts in this process, and to date all of our students have been accepted into their top-choice colleges.

After School

Using an empathetic neuroscience-based approach, we teach students to set themselves up for success and more calmly handle challenges that come their way. With reliable support over time, students maintain robust systems and routines to improve their academic performance and feel better doing it.

Every student is unique, and has needs that change over time. Membership levels help make sure that your child is getting the right level of support at the right time.

At each membership level, students get 1:1 support from their dedicated academic coach who will help them develop the skills they need to meet their goals within the context of their own school work. And, drop-in homework support is available daily.

Summer Programs

Combat boredom and learning loss over the summer and set your child up for success next school year.

All of our elementary, middle, high school, and after-school programs are available to students during the summer, whether they participate in School Without Suffering programs during the school year or not.

Over their summer break, students have the opportunity to our with School Without Suffering coaches on their own personal goals and to build connections with kids their age working on common goals in focused groups:
    + Become Homework Heroes (rising 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders)
    + Get Ready for Middle School (rising 6th graders)
    + Squash School Stress (rising 7th and 8th graders)
    + Get Ready for High School (rising 9th graders)
    + Earn Course Credit (rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders)
    + Get Ahead on College Apps (rising 11th and 12th graders)

Our programming is built to be flexible all of the time and that is never more true than during summer vacation. Learn more about how School Without Suffering can enhance your child’s summer.