School-related anxiety puts a lot on your shoulders.

The Toolkit is here to help lift the weight.

Procrastination, staying up way too late doing homework last-minute, falling grades due to missed assignments, school-related meltdowns—these behaviors are often directly related to anxiety. These DO NOT have to be a part of your life anymore.

Equip your child to:

  • Re-evaluate stress that’s negatively affecting them

  • Initiate and execute academic tasks with ease

  • Foster a growth mindset

  • Manage their time effectively and healthfully

  • Complete all of their school work with confidence

I used the Get Unstuck technique three times this week. It really helps!

Andy, High School Student

After going through this course, my daughter told her dad she had a better way for him to manage his time. He said she was right!

Deepa, Mom of a Middle Schooler

I didn't realize how big of a role one can play in making themself anxious. After this course, I think that anxiety can be somewhat controlled by self-talk and the environment that you create around you for yourself.

Lucas, High School Student

Help your child learn the tools and skills they need to feel and do better in school.